What is the Workshop all about?

"Write a Book with Snehal " is a break-through workshop for aspiring authors to turn into authorpreneurs and write books that will sell well within the targeted audience.

Snehal strongly believes that an idea, if well-executed, and promoted within the right market segment, can translate into a book, and earn the author millions.

The workshop is comprised of 6 modules, referring to an organized approach towards writing a creative, original, and salable book.

Through this workshop, she intends to help writers understand and define a vision for their book that will take them to the next level!

What is the Program Schedule?

The workshop is comprised of 6 modules, or programs that will help authors get it right, right from the basics, and reap commercial fruits for a book well written! So, here’s how the workshop is planned.

  • Find your Purpose and Define Vision – Authorpreneur Mindset
  • Create your Book Outline – Mind Map your Characters
  • Research – Book and Market Book – When, How much and How much to Research
  • Write the Book
  • Marketing Strategies and Conversion of your Book into 18 Streams of Income
  • All About Publishing – Traditional/ Self-Publishing/ How to Work with Literary Agents

What Else do you get?

The course is comprised of online sessions. However, besides the online ones, participants will also get the following.

  • The required book writing tools and forms
  • A comprehensive list of resources to help you get your book out.
  • A discount on the course fee, if you choose to publish your book with Mind Spirit Works.
  • Once the book is ready, Snehal will market it for you, irrespective of whether you choose to publish it with her, or through someone else.

How much does the Course Cost?

While the average market cost of such a course is within the range of a whopping USD 2500 – USD 7000, with Snehal, a group workshop of this course will only cost you USD 397, and USD 1397 if hired individually.

Snehal’s guidance will help you complete your book within just 60-90 days.

Why Snehal?

  • Helped more than 49 Authors in the last 18 months.
  • Published 6 Books - 5 are Amazon Best Sellers.
  • Helped Publish 7 Books Traditionally - 1 has launched - Inseparable Souls - Manju Kaira
  • Has Failed & Succeeded.
  • Has the Market Understanding & Knowledge.

Why is the Course Cost so Less?

The course is a part of Snehal’s mission to help 100 writers publish their book in the year 2019.

Besides, she doesn’t want writers to go through the experiences, delays, and hardships she had to go through in her initial days as a struggling author.

How do I Pay?

To pay Snehal, copy paste the below link or click it.