The Bhagvad Geeta starts with Dhritrashtra asking “Sanjay; what is happening on Kurukshetra? What are Kauravas ( Mamaka) and Pandava’s doing?”

If you look closely here –

The Geeta starts with a blind man asking a question for which he already knows the answer to. As in it is such an obvious question. What do you expect is happening on a War-field if not war?

Still the writer of the Geeta puts this question.

Dhritarashta knew that the Kauravas were going to be killed. His intuition kept telling him that things are not right, but still he was unable to stop it.

Similarly, in our lives we know what is right and what is wrong but at times we just keep watching.

Manu, the writer of Manusmriti has very vividly said:

"janami dharmam na cha me pravrutthih janamyadharmam na cha me nivrutthih |
kenaapi devena hrudhisthithena yatha niyuktosmi thatha karomi |"


O God, I know what is good for me,But somehow I do not do it.Again, I do know what is bad,But somehow I am not repulsive to it; Either consciously or unconsciously I will commit it.But today, my Lord, I am praying to You With all my heart. Do give me the capacity only to obey Your Command at every moment,Only to please You in Your own Way.You give me the Command.Each and every Command of YoursI shall fulfill.

We will get caught into dilemmas every day. We will have troubles and challenges. Challenges and problems that at times will lead to stress.

It is all about choices and process. Its about opening the eyes and seeing. After seeing – doing something about it. Its about understanding our life purpose and acting upon it. Not just being an observer but by being a doer.

The best way is to stop-look- act.

God bless.