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Is Business for Me?

How to handle all the roles that come with being an entrepreneur?

Do I really have the potential to lead in the game of entrepreneurship?

All of these and many other questions keep confronting many of us. The very thought of starting own venture, and working for our self, keep chasing all the ambitious souls, everywhere and at all times. For all such questions, concerns and confrontations, I Work for Me is more than just a book! It is a modern expression. For all of them who’ve been longing for resonance with their thoughts, and a comprehensive guideline on the concept of working for self, this book is just like a dream come true!

Yes, it is! It talks about starting a new business, it encourages budding entrepreneurs looking forward to proving their mettle as people who could lead the game, and not just remain reduced to followers. The book gives 7 crucial steps to become a successful entrepreneur.

  • Importance of having faith
  • Turning ideas into plans
  • Managing your time
  • Building your brand
  • Being accessible and approachable
  • Facing your fears and many many more!

I Work for Me also focuses on the responsibility of working for self and the decisions that follow it. Here, whether your venture makes loss or digs profit, it is you who’d be responsible for everything. Often, in this age, wherein entrepreneurs keep toggling between webpages for essential entrepreneurial tips, I Work for Me, we’d call is a masterpiece that compiles the golden rules and guidelines to become a successful entrepreneur.

If you’ve got it, and you’ve given it twice a thought, it is high-time you must gear up to soar high! Weekends while on a job could be soothing, but do you really wish to reduce yourself to soothing weekends, and follow orders for the rest of the week? You don’t, isn’t it! So get going, get yourself a copy of I Work for Me and confidently set out to live your aspirations, explore the real and the more capable you!


Snehal acknowledges, at the outset, that we are all at different places in our career path as entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. We all have our paths to create, and we all need help along the way, whether we ask for it or not. She starts with laying out sensible steps for anyone starting a business and even has great reminders for those who have been in business for a long time. It’s not a one – size – fits - all approach; instead it’s a take-what – works-for-you one.

This book resonates with many parts of our lives, professionally and personally and I think it’s a holistic approach focusing on the mind, body, and soul while helping us set the intention of staying true to ourselves and finding a version that works best for us.

I Work for Me sets you on a course of self-exploration, a new way of thinking and exploring your own life and business and Snehal asks very poignant questions along the way that gets you to think in a way you might not have or wanted to otherwise. I like that this is thought-provoking and an actionable handbook with such valuable tools, resources, and tips that are practical, attainable and realistic for everyone.

Snehal’s words and thoughts give you permission to be vulnerable, be a superhero, and be your most authentic self. I have had the opportunity of working with her on another book project, and I can’t praise her enough for her support, knowledge, and inspiration. It’s my own experience that gives me the privilege to review this book, in all honesty. She has your best interest at heart when sharing the steps and wisdom of building a business. She knows how to connect with people; she helps you find your inner strength and helps you get in touch with your vision. Her words, written or spoken will bring you happiness, light, and fantastic energy into your life.

There are so many takeaways from this book, but most of all, I like the simplistic approach, and I appreciate her honesty, her story, and her truth, which we can relate to in one way or another. I found myself nodding in agreement as I read through the book. Making notes on the side about how I had gone through what she was writing about and the examples that she refers to felt like she was talking about my life.

Most of all, this book gives you hope that you are on the right path, that you don’t have to do it alone, that you have your story and your journey to embark upon, and whatever version you choose, it is yours.

- Amy Bloustine

ACC, M.Ed.| Best Selling Author | Certified Life and Career Coach | Trained Recovery Coach | President of the Board of Directors for the New York City International Coach Federation Chapter.

I work for me is an exceptional book for entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs. Since the book is based on author’s own experience, you don’t get a feeling of being preached. Instead it has an intricate connect with the reader as if a friend is sharing their tips and tricks with you. The book has a beautiful blend of personal stories and practical steps to push the reader to take that dreaded step of being an entrepreneur. It is scary to be alone in the journey of entrepreneurship and ‘I work for me’ gives you that support you need in this difficult journey. I highly recommend this book to all entrepreneurs and wanna be entrepreneurs! Remember your work title doesn’t matter but your ‘work’ does and this book respects the ‘work’ you do!

- Pradnya Vernekar

Best Selling Author | Spiritual Life Coach and Angel Reader| Pune, India

OMG 'I work for me', simply resonates from the word go or let's say the title strikes a chord with the entrepreneur in me. I loved the acronym I.M.B.R.A.N.D. It made me look forward to what's next.

The steps that have been shared are totally unmissable, it feels like a complete circle and absolutely plausible. In fact, there are times when people tend to think that a to-do list is sufficient to make a business successful. You have beautifully helped one discern the difference between measuring your day (to - do - list included) and rules of life and questioning one's motivation for working in a good manner of course.

The questions are simple yet profound and practices makes one really introspect and re-align. Also, the fact that in today's time a business coach is needed to help an upcoming entrepreneur to fill the small gaps. This book does that, and I can only imagine how your presence can make a huge difference with your own expertise. For example: Your chapter on social media is an eye-opener for me and the kind of work I do. Though my work is about offline and online meets, my outlook to social media as an entrepreneur has changed. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Wishing you lots of luck and yes, the world needs people who can make a difference in theirs and others lives. You for sure are One!

- Shilpa M Menon

Best Selling Author | Entrepreneur | Life Transformation & Spiritual Coach |Light-Worker | Healer | Pune – India

A very well written book in simplest possible language. All tasks explained well in simple doable steps. It also talks about all the pitfalls that can be there when you start working for yourself.and how to overcome them. Extremely easy to relate to. Hence I feel it can act as a GUIDE by newbies setting up their own business.

- Vinita Saxena

Pune, India

A Little About Author

Snehal R Singh

Snehal R. Singh is a two-time Best-Selling Author, Publisher, Mentor, Business Coach, and International Public Speaker based out of New Jersey. To this day, her unparalleled compassion, wisdom, dedication and have all earned her the reputation as a service-centered thought leader. She is also a seasoned Certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Mumbai who is on a lifelong mission to help others lead happier, healthier loves full of ceaseless joy, love, and fulfillment. Furthermore, she is here to assist emerging entrepreneurs in thriving on a professional and personal level. To date, her publications include “20 Beautiful Women: Volume 5”, and “Coach Wisdom: Secrets of 21 Successful Coaches”, which she co-authored and published as well as became a best seller within just four days’ time.

In addition to her successful coaching and writing career, Snehal proudly serves as a Senior Mentor at one of the most prominent coaching schools across the United States. Giving back to her community is truly at the heart of everything she does.

Hailing from India, Snehal’s unwavering passion for creative expression and the written word began early on in her life. What started as the occasional blog post ultimately turned into a vocation. Deeply influenced by the works of Priyanka Chopra and Oprah Winfrey along the way, she is all about inspiring people to step into their best possible version for the greater good of themselves and humanity at large.

When she isn’t writing, public speaking, or mentoring, you can find Snehal R. Singh cooking unique dishes, binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, or exploring this beautiful world we live in. She is also an avid painter with a keen eye for color. And while she writes in the non-fiction, self-help genre, she has always been a fan of fairy tales. Her current obsession is the "Once Upon a Time" TV series.