About Us

Our Approach

Mind Spirit Works vision is to spread wisdom, knowledge, love and compassion through words. And this can be best done by Authors/Writers/Poets/Speakers.

MSW’s intention is bring all the power of words together to build a better and a happier World everyday.

There can be books written about “The Word” and there have been already.

Buddha says, “Words have Power to Destroy or Heal. When words are both true and Kind, they can change our world.”

Our Story

Mind & Spirit when come together Magical and Eternal Work is created.

The name symbolizes the Founder – Snehal R Singh’s faith that – If you put your mind to something, the Universe conspires to make your dreams come true. Mind is Human and Spirit – The Power Greater than us.


Meet The Founder

Snehal R. Singh

The Positive Source of All Possibilities

Best Selling Author, Publisher, Mentor Coach and Business Strategist

A Best-Selling Author, ICF Certified ACC Business Coach, Master Spiritual Coach, Mentor and Publisher, Snehal’s list of accomplishments is nothing shy of astounding. Snehal is no stranger to working hard. She has put many hours into building a version of her life that she loves and creating her purpose. Her life of hard work groomed her journey to self-empowerment and self-employment. Growing up in a one-room home in India, Snehal was raised to understand that the richest things in life aren’t the things money can buy.

The things that make you wealthy are having love in your heart, trusting in God, living a life of gratitude, always doing the right thing, and having willpower and confidence never to give up no matter what life throws at you, believes Snehal Singh.

After spending eight years working as a Transformational Life Coach, Snehal dove head first into the world of book writing and publishing. With role models like Oprah, Priyanka Chopra, and Arianna Huffington, it’s no wonder she landed in the line of work she is in.

Confident in her abilities and proud of her trials and tribulations, Snehal mixed the worlds of life coaching and publishing and Co-Founded Mind Spirit Works with a sole purpose of giving aspiring writers and authors the assistance they need to share their stories. Snehal is a firm believer that everyone has a story that they should tell.

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