“Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have.” – Robin Lim


Pregnancy and birthing is transformational phase in every woman's life. As Robin Lim rightly says, it's the most profound initiation to spirituality. It is holy. It is sacred. ‘Love Infused Pregnancy’ is a book which completely understands this and has sprouted from the author’s inner calling to help and guide pregnant women in creating a nourishing environment for their miracles in the womb. The author hopes this book serves every pregnant woman out there looking for a guide towards a conscious pregnancy. This book is an outcome of her love and strong calling to serve women thereby facilitating in raising a conscious generation ahead!


About the Author:

The author Pradnya Vernekar is a Certified Holistic Life Coach from the University of Wellness, West Virginia. She is an angel card reader, an energy healer, an avid reader, a natural writer and an amateur poet. Being an ardent believer in God, she tries to dig happiness in the darkest of mines. She calls herself ‘Lover of Life’!

Rising from the dark times which taught her the importance of healing, Pradnya today is a ‘lightworker’! Her mission is to equip everyone with tools and strategies to unlock their true potential and assist in healing journeys. She is predominantly working with women to help them break the shackles of patriarchy, heal the trauma of the past, give wings to fly, teach self-love, help them let go of all the guilt and above all make them confident and so self-sustained that they won't require any external validation of how amazing they are as a woman!

Now that she is a mother her focus is slowly shifting towards pregnant women, catering to their specific needs during this beautiful phase of life!

What does ‘Love Infused Pregnancy’ offer?

Pregnancy is one of the happiest phases in a woman’s life. It is also a proven fact that what you do during your pregnancy has a long term effect on the fetus and the baby. It is the most critical time which decides the baby’s future at many levels. Knowing this Pradnya has provided an array of tools to help your baby grow at physical, emotional as well as soul level. In short provide wholesome nutrition for your miracle!

The book is filled with rituals small and big to help to be moms align with love and let go of any fear whatsoever. You can pick and choose your rituals and further improvise them according to your liking and need.

MEDITATION:  Here is the link to the meditation mentioned in Chapter 7 – You are Loved!


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